09 October 2005

Trying Out Some Lauan Plywood

I'm using 12" x 16" blocks this time for my Baren exchange print. This is the largest size I've used so far, and I'm really enjoying it. I feel like I can really move my hand around and be a bit more expressive. I bought some really cheap craft-grade lauan plywood (they call it Philippine mahogany) at Dick Blick to carve this first block because I've heard that lauan will make a nice woodgrain texture in the print. It was difficult to carve because it's splintery. It's also only 3/8" thick, even though Blick's says 1/4", so it's pretty bendable, but I'm just using it for one large shape, so I think I'll get by with it.

I test-printed the block after I carved it and sure enough, it makes a nice grain print. The remaining blocks will be shina plywood.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

If you want to print more grain try less starch and use a light baren pressure. If you mix a little sumi into a lot of water this will give you a strong grey grain pattern. You can then overprint with colour and starch and more pressure. This will give you a three-toned grain; white, light colour and heavy colour.