15 October 2005

Women In Burqas

"Everyone everywhere loves the same moon."

I don't know all that much about Islam, and one of the things I least understand is Islam's view and treatment of women. To my American eyes, a burqa appears to be a symbol of bondage. But the sentence I'm working with, "Everyone everywhere loves the same moon," invites me to find the similarities between myself and a woman in a burqa. So I began to look at all the ways that I also am in bondage, and to think about how all beings long for freedom from bondage, whatever bondage we're in, whatever shrouds we wear.

The print will show three women, and I'm printing each of the women as a small reduction print with 3 colors. Here's the first one. I used a light purple, then carved away some of the block for a medium purple application, then carving even more for the dark purple overprint.

And you can see how my paper continues to buckle and misbehave! Maybe too much baren pressure, maybe too much water, maybe bad paper. But I'm committed now, so I will keep on!


Anonymous said...

the vuckling is kind of neat though... like the fabric of the burqas flowing...

Anonymous said...

I think your paper is way too wet, it should just feel cool when you touch it to your face...that is how damp it should be, spray every third sheet and offset the stack and put in a plastic bag overnight.

Cin said...

anxious to see how this all comes together, really like each part you've shown so far, especially this.