06 November 2005

Workspace Issues

One of the things I love about moku hanga is that because there's no press or nasty chemicals needed it can be done virtually anywhere. I work in this little corner of my home office on my old but sturdy drafting table. You can see my carving tools on the upper right corner of the desk next to the tape dispenser. Then to the left, next to the kleenex box, is a disk baren and above that, hanging from the second shelf you can see a row of 7 maru bake (brushes). I've been doing all my printing here. Carving I've done lots of different places - the front porch, the back yard, the living room. The wood chips are messy, but it's nothing an old sheet and a good vacuum cleaner can't handle.

I've recently run into some trouble with this arrangement, though. Last night I sketched out an idea for a new print and it's a design that wants to be large. Like maybe a couple of feet high. I just don't know if this space can handle a print that size. Taking over another room is a possibility, but I'm not sure how the other inhabitants of my house will like that. Looks like I might need to get a proper studio if I keep going in this direction.


Ellen Shipley said...

Ha! A proper studio doesn't help. I still take over the rest of the house! But my family is resigned to it. ;-]

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your work space. I'm sorry you are feeling cramped.

My work space is at my kitchen table. I have gotten used to picking it all up each morning before the gang gets up, before we eat or have folks over to visit... I also have a bar/counter in my kitchen. And one small cupboard to store all of my goodies. I have been looking for more baskets with lids too. Picnic type baskets work well for hiding artsy treasures. I have decided to comb the Net for them, because I haven't had luck with Wal-Mart and craft stores.

Good luck Annie!

Mindy Wilson