10 December 2005

Using a Stencil

This print, like the previous one, will have some white linework, so I wanted to try and keep all the white lines on one block for perfect registration. However, I don't want the first color to be only "inside the lines." I want this part of the print to look as if the white lines were printed on top of a roughly-shaped field of blue. The way I figured out to do this, with a well-timed hint from Tom K., is to use a stencil.

I found an old pad of drafting film in my studio from the long-ago days when I used to use a rapidograph pen instead of a computer and thought that since film is waterproof and doesn't tear it would be perfect for a stencil.

Here's the inked block:

And then the stencil is placed on top. Note that the kento (registration) marks need to be deep enough for two thicknesses of paper.

Then put the printing paper on top, burnish with the baren, and voila!

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