24 April 2006

Texture Experiment

I carved a couple of blocks for my "Letting Go" print over the weekend and today I started printing. I've been wanting to discover ways to get more texture in my prints, so I've tried putting this layer of gray down first. I'm working a small batch, just 16 sheets of paper, and I did this first pass with no paste, lots of water, and the paper only barely damp. Obviously this will be a variable edition, with each print being unique. Here's a closer view: 

And here's a print with some strong baren suji (marks left by the baren): 


This is pretty strong gray and it's quite possible I'm just going to end up with a muddy mess, but I'll never know unless I try it.


blujett8 said...

....really exciting. congradulations on letting yourself experiment...I'm very interested in creating texture in my prints & am always looking for new ways to do so-thanks for sharing this

Sharri L. said...

Annie, I am a texture freak. Last year I was sent a batch of plastics of various textures and have been experimenting with them. They each print differently and the front does not print the same as the reverse. They are a lot of fun and something you might enjoy experiementing with, too. Come to the Baren Summit and I'll share some more secrets! I used one in the background of my Mythical Beasts and on the rock in Silent Symphony (Dreams and Visions exchange).