26 April 2006

Time to Let Go?

Here's how the "Let Go" print looks now, with a layer of yellow/gold overprinted. I like this effect a lot. Now I'm at a crucial point where I need to decide if I should follow my original plan (see sketch posted on April 20) or go in a new direction. This is a point I've reached in the past and have found myself not able or willing to deviate from the plan. I hope this time I'll be able to do it: Let go!


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

I like the idea of the inter-connected clouds, but I think you need to scale it up to let the print breath. I would enlarge a favourite section of cloud and and shift it around till it overlays nicely.

The texture looks great, I like the long sweeping baren marks best.

Annie B said...

Scale the cloud pattern up... that's it! That would be a big improvement. I'm all infatuated with this texture, though, so I'm going to drop the clouds entirely for now.