05 December 2006

Giant Robot Print Show


Last week I shipped out five of my prints for a show called "Printed Matter" at Giant Robot San Francisco. The show will be up from December 16 to January 13. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to the December 16 opening, so please take some pictures for me if you go!


Anonymous said...


Lena said...


ohhh, looks like a great show!
i'll be in sf for the holidays, and i always go to giant robot- so i will take some photos!

Annie B said...

Thank you, Viza and Lena! Lena, I'll appreciate any photos you're able to take.

Dan said...

You work is amazing, good job!!

Jay Ryan will be there too. Hes a really good screen print artist.

Cin said...

congrats on the show!!

Anonymous said...


Congrats. I'm really happy for this step for you. / Deb