18 December 2006

A Pastel Pig


Here's my Year of the Pig print. I used just two blocks so that I could make a lot of prints without driving myself nuts. It was difficult to find two colors that would offer enough contrast, would look good when overprinted, and would still be appealing. Pink plus blue didn't exactly make purple, red plus yellow didn't make a very nice orange. I liked these colors the best, although both of them had to be diluted quite a bit to get a satisfactory overprint. It was an interesting experiment.


frips said...

another beautiful print!

Cindy said...

it turned out beautifully, love the colors!

and maybe yes! that time I "got" the knees right

Diane Cutter said...

Annie! What a charmer! You've done a great job with two colors... and I love all the negative 'pig tails' in the background. I look forward to seeing this 'up close and personal'...

LAiNE said...

Annie, thanks for the great comments on my new years print of the boar. Its my turn to drop a comment on you, and tell you how much I love your boar..... the pose is great! I also love the colour scheme..... fantastic work. I'll be sending out prints soon, and you should receive a small something from Japan in the new year!

Happy holidays, and keep up the great work...... your prints are beautiful

chiyoko said...

Thank you for a wonderful comment my Brog.

Your woodblock print(木版画) is wonderful.
I like it very much.

You know the Japanese culture well.
I am glad.

Annie B said...

Thanks, everyone!

chiyoko said...

Annie san
Your Japanese is very beautiful.

I am studying English.
Though it is considerably unskilled.
The Internet is very wonderful, because such communications can be done.


HoolyPics said...

Hi, I really like your Year of the Pig woodblock, which I found after some googling to try and find more info about this style of art.

I have used the description in your blog to explain the term moku hanga in one of my own blog posts.

Hope that's okay! Peace, Kevin

Beth said...

I love your piggy-poo and the colors.

Diane Cutter said...

Oh, I got my pig and he's even better in the flesh! Thank you, Annie, and have a wonderful creative New Year!

daisey said...

i love the colors! i'm really diggin' your blog... i love how you explain the steps as you go... very educational. thanks! :)

Ellis Nadler said...