05 March 2007

Intaglio Test


This past weekend I tried the method I discovered on Nana Shiomi's web site (see previous post) of printing intaglio with a woodblock. She uses a squeegee and acrylic paint, but I thought first I'd try intaglio ink since I had some around. Here's what I got:


NOT intaglio. This ink printed relief and very thick even though I used the squeegee pretty hard. I actually like this effect and will probably use it sometime, but not on this print.

So I tried acrylic paint and lo and behold: intaglio lines, just as Nana Shiomi promised! I still need to make adjustments to the consistency of the paint, but this definitely works. I don't think it adds anything to this print, though, so I'm going to leave it alone for now.



Anonymous said...

Annie -this is v interesting -good for you! I'm going to try it - I really miss doing intaglio - don't have time these days to go out and find a studio with presses - thanks for the link to Shiomi! neat work -I'll have to look for her when I'm in the UK
Louise C.

Anonymous said...

How strange that intaglio ink didn't work. I wonder what the key difference is between the intaglio ink and the acrylic paint? Any ideas?

Annie B said...

I have not a clue, anonymous. This test was in '07 and I haven't explored it much since. Gonna try again this fall (2012).