29 August 2007

Charles Beck


Progress is slow in putting together my new moku hanga room. I'm quite anxious to start woodblocking again, but for now I also have to do my computer illustration work in that same room until I get the electrician here to move some cables. So as I wait I'm entertaining myself by looking at prints instead of making them.


A recent mention in the Baren Forum led me to the woodcuts of Minnesota artist Charles Beck. I find the geometry in his colorful prints to be very striking. His work is mostly abstracted landscapes with very rhythmic and symmetrical compositions, simple shapes but a lot of detail in his carved textures. I haven't read any descriptions of his technique, but I'd guess that he's doing reductive woodblock with oil-based inks.


Added 11/8/09: Beck's work is being handled by Kaddatz Galleries in Minnesota.


Magic Cochin said...

Thanks for finding these - his treatment of trees and the texture of soil is controlled and beautiful.
Very inspiring!


Sheri said...

Beautiful. I love the yellow field. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah said...

You can view a video short on Charles Beck here: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/insideindies/shortsfest/player.html?chosen=cbeck

sas said...

What an incredible talent he is! I have visited Beck's home studio. He and his wife Joyce are gracious and inviting. He also carves birds (decoy size). I love his work too and was thrilled to see it featured on your blog! I had just posted him on my blog and wanted to see if anyone else had something out there. Thank you!!!

Steph said...

Do you have any idea how to purchase his art?

Annie B said...

Hi Steph,

It looks like this Minnesota Gallery handles Beck's work:

Richard said...

The Kaddatz has many of his prints in stock and every few months Charles will bring more prints up for sale from his collection. I have all 6 of his sunflower prints and found a studio print from 1961 buried in the gallery. I didn't even know it existed!!

Currently, they have on display all of the blocks used in making Survivors, with a step-by-step build of the print. Some pretty cool stuff.