29 October 2007

Carving Again


Time to whittle down the block some more. Now I'm carving away all the areas that I want to see remain light blue. Given the limited amount of time I have available this week, I'll be lucky if I can get this finished before the end of the weekend.


BZ said...

First of all, Annie, I just reviewed the photos of your larger space there with you holding the paper and you sure work tidy!!! It looks like a space I *wish* I had! Anyway, I noticed you have the same hangi-to I do - do you ever have trouble with the brass ferrule coming down? I do, and with more than one knife. I've put a small piece of paper in there to wedge it into place, but that is not fully successful. Hm. Maybe yours doesn't do that - hope not.

Anonymous said...

I love the work in progress shot, its lovely to see you working on pieces again!

Annie B said...

Beth, sorry I didn't respond earlier. This hangi-to hasn't given me trouble, but a smaller one I bought has the problem you describe. I used a piece of a toothpick to wedge it.

nyx, thanks for the encouragement!