18 October 2007

A Different Kento

When printing with the moku hanga method, one typically places the paper on the inked block by holding the paper in a "scissor grip." One hand holds a corner and the other hand holds an edge, and the paper is guided into corresponding corner and edge registration marks (kento) on the board. The paper for this print is so large (13"/33cm x 30"/76cm), though, that I've been concerned that I won't be able to get the paper onto the block without dragging it through the wet ink. A photo I saw on David Bull's web site gave me an idea, so I'm trying a different kind of kento.


Here you can see that I'm using two kento marks along the long edge of the board. They're about 15" (35cm) apart, so I can hold the paper in a u-shape, supporting it in the middle as I guide it onto the board.

One of the kento marks is straight, but the other is notched so that a corresponding notch in the paper can ensure proper placement.


Usually I cut the paper, but for this series of prints I want torn edges. After tearing the paper, I need to cut both a notch and a straight edge along one side to fit perfectly into the kento.


I'll place the paper's notch into position first, then bring the straight edge into position and let the paper fall onto the board. Tonight I'm preparing the paper -- lots of it, as I'm bound to mess up a few prints working with a new method!



BZ said...

What a project! I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes about. Maybe you could talk Lynne into taking a photo of you grasping the paper with both hands as you drop it into the kento - I see the notches but can't visualize the trimmed edge too. You know - a pic of the entire moment of placing the paper onto the kento including both the trimmed edge and the notched edge. Hate to ask but I'm curious & if you're up to one more view, I would love to see it...

Pietrocelli said...

its nice, thank you very much,
Pietro Kocák