18 January 2009

Spray Paint

The Separatists' theology was mainly Calvinist. They believed in the absolute sovereignty of God, the total depravity of man, and salvation through divine grace (not self-effort or good deeds). They considered themselves God's elect, specially chosen by God for redemption. Therefore, they saw themselves as exceptional, and they carried a sense of exclusivity that separated them from the rest of the world, whether in Holland or in England.


To show this sense of separation, I decided to stay in the vernacular of graffiti and use "spray paint" around the area where I plan to print the group of Pilgrims. Using a can of Krylon spray paint like the taggers use wasn't possible, as I wanted to use sumi ink on top of the spray, so I needed to use waterbased pigment. First I tried watering down some white pigment and squirting it from a plastic spray bottle, but the coverage wasn't opaque enough and the nozzle clogged too quickly. So I ended up dipping a fingernail brush into the paint and using my thumb to push the bristles back to release a fine spray. It was a little wild to control, but definitely fun!

After the spray, I added an impression of gray paint along the edges to make the color a little more dirty and dingy. It's a subtle difference, but here's a before and after comparison:


Next I'll be carving some Pilgrims.


Leslie Moore said...

As always it's fascinating to get a peek into your process. Can't wait to see what you do to your Pilgrims.

Anita Thomhave Simonsen said...

well Annie...this is different...I´m still wondering about what it will end up with and it is very interesting and exciting to follow your steps....think it will be good....looking forward to see more and it is so interesting to follow what you do and all your decisions....

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie. Check out www.jacobedwardshirley.com for a unique twist on graffiti and spray paint.

Annie B said...

Thanks Jeni and Jake. I also love what Shepard Fairey can do with a spray can.