28 July 2011

Great Wave

Japanese-method woodblock (moku hanga)
Image size: 22" x 37" (56 x 94 cm)
Paper size: 24" x 40" (61 x 101.5 cm)
3 baltic birch plywood blocks
12 hand-rubbed color layers
Paper: Kizuki Kozo
Edition: 7

The wave design is referenced and much enlarged from the back of a one dollar bill.


Hannah said...

That last layer really made this print! What a beautiful beautiful image.

d. moll, l.ac. said...


Magic Cochin said...

Beautifully executed! I love how the colours under the wave a pulled together with the addition of the line work.

I also like the unsettling symbolism of the image when one realises the origin of the wave.

Like all your work there's so much though behind the image.


Katka said...

A lovely piece Annie. I really like the subtlety and earthy tones. The scroll shapes within the wave are impressive ...I remember working with birch plywood and also remember it wasn't tricky.

Kim Rosen said...

wow- this is really beautiful Annie!

Kit said...

Beautiful print!!