14 May 2016

Solo Show at Charles Krause Gallery, DC

This past Thursday night (May 12, 2016) I was pleased to be able to travel to Washington DC for the opening of an exhibition of my work at Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art Gallery. The show is an overview, with pieces from several of my print series, including We Are Pilgrims, Loaded, I Was a 20th Century Lesbian, Borders and the new Almanack series.

Charles Krause Reporting
1300 13th Street NW (corner of N) Suite 105 Washington DC

Through June 18, 2016

Open Saturdays and Sundays, 1 - 6 pm, and weekdays by appointment.

Meet Charles Krause!

Charles Krause’s gallery focuses on the art of protest, propaganda and political change, an interest which evolved over the course of his career as a foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, CBS News and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. On assignment in Latin America, Central Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East, he witnessed many of the wars and revolutions of his time. Read more about Charles's award-winning news career here. I'm proud to be showing in his gallery.

Old friends and new. Fellow artist/printmaker Joseph Beery and my sister-in-law in the foreground.
I was so pleased with the turnout and the conversations that happened.
I spent a lot of the evening doing printing demonstrations. Here I'm with poet Margaret Mackinnon and her husband. Margaret and I share an interest in working with history in our art.
One of my favorite things about showing my work is hearing how other people see it and what it evokes for them. I had some wonderful conversations.

I also enjoyed prowling around DC for a couple of days. My pilgrimage to the Lincoln Memorial was especially meaningful.

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