07 July 2016

Relics Scroll 3: #Blessed

For my RELICS exhibit, I made ten scrolls bearing American English platitudes that could be construed to have philosophical or spiritual meanings. See all of the scroll posts here.
#Blessed is a hashtag that's used on social media in a couple of different ways. Sometimes it's used earnestly to express gratitude for good fortune in everyday life, but often it's used ironically by people who find the hashtag to be a form of "humble-bragging." I've mostly seen the second use and in fact the NY Times wrote an article about the use of #Blessed back in 2014 if you want to find out more.

I combined #Blessed with a text from the Quran, which explicitly and without irony instructs devotees to speak about their blessings:
You shall proclaim the blessing Allah has bestowed upon you.
Tech notes: The background and top and bottom bokashi (gradations) were made on an uncarved wood block, the center circle was printed on the same block through a stencil, the small circles were stamped with a rubber eraser stamp I made, the large text was printed through a hand-cut stencil, and the small text was rubber stamped.

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