01 September 2016

New Book: Relics

I just received an author copy of my new book Relics and I'm happy to say it's proofed and available to be ordered. Relics is a 68-page soft cover print-on-demand book that showcases the entire group of prints and scrolls from my "Relics" series. In addition to high-quality reproductions of the art, the book includes a section illustrating how the prints were made, plus text that was written especially for the debut show of these works at Oxbow Gallery in Northampton Massachusetts in August, 2016.

Below are a few page spreads. You can see a preview of the entire book here on the Blurb Books web site. And you can order copies at this link.

Each of the halftone prints is shown at three different sizes to replicate the gallery experience of viewing the works at varying distances.

Each scroll is shown in its entirety and also with a detail shot revealing small text.


Olga Norris said...

I was delighted to read this post, and was eagerly typing out my order from Blurb - but - when I put in my discount code was met with the message that it is not valid as I am not the author! I shall try again in a couple of days, and certainly look forward to acquiring the book.

Annie B said...

Hi Olga,

Thanks for letting me know that! I just looked on the web site and I see that the discount is only available to me. So sorry for the mis-information. I'll edit the post.


Olga Norris said...

Great Annie - I've just ordered a copy. I did think that the discount was too good to believe!

Annie B said...

I thought it was too good to believe as well! I think Blurb gives author discounts because it's mostly authors who buy books and they want authors to order lots of copies. Sneaky. Thank you for ordering one. <3 Annie