13 May 2019

Two of Water

In the Two of Water, the new emotions or intuitions of the Ace are shared with another person. This is a card of of shared feelings, whether new romantic feelings, a budding friendship, or another kind of tentative collaboration. Feelings are honestly shared, there is affection, and kindred spirits find one another.

These two pitchers are based on shapes found in the pottery of Eva Zeisel, a Hungarian-American industrial designer whose dishes and vases often had a sensual human look to them, and often worked together in a nesting sort of way.

I made the pitchers on a single block of wood using the reduction method and very shallow carving.

This is how the block looked after I had finished making the prints.

Here's the woodblock print on Echizen Kozo. I made two.

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Laurie said...

this is such a beautiful art form, you do it so beautifully!