30 September 2019

The Characters of Water

Here are the four Water Character Cards as they currently exist. I'm still working to keep them gender neutral and to show the same figure through the series, since all of us have all of these qualities at various times in our lives.

Novice of Water
Sensitive, romantic, curious and gentle, the Novice of Water is impressionable and earnest and tends to be attuned to the unseen—the spiritual, mysterious or poetic side of life. Introverted and inexperienced in romance, they sometimes have trouble distinguishing their own feelings from the feelings of others.

Evangel of Water
Passionately romantic and a lover above all else, the Evangel of Water needs to be engaged emotionally rather than intellectually. They are artistic and charming and in love with love. This romantic dreamer sometimes confuses emotions with truth, believing that every passing feeling is a message from the soul.

Mentor of Water
Although the Mentor of Water feels life intensely, they are comfortable with both emotion and intuition and are mature enough to remain calm in the face of strong feelings. Generous and kind, the Mentor offers nurturing attention to those in need and is often a healer, mediator or guide. The Mentor thrives on deep personal relationships and is trustworthy, empathic and perceptive, although people who don’t like being “touchy-feely” can find this personality type too cloying.

Paragon of Water
Confident, warm and in touch with their own needs and feelings, the Paragon of Water leads by inspiring others and fostering connections. A person of style and elegance, the Paragon has learned from relating with others and achieved mastery over their own emotional expression. Moved by the hearts of others, they want to do what is right and work for the greater good.