06 March 2006

A Day's Work

Bee Blocks

The prompt word for Illustration Friday this week is insect, so I decided to do a woodblock of my favorite insect, the bee. It turned out more complicated than I first envisioned, because I wanted the wings of the bees to look kind of transparent. That meant I had to cut blocks for the colors that will appear "under" the wings. It ended up needing 6 blocks, so I spent one long day carving them. Tomorrow I hope to have time to print. I'll do a short run, maybe 10 - just enough to get the blocks "warmed up" so I'll be able to get a few good prints.


Cin said...

oh looking forward to this Annie! guess what, I have a bee in the works too though I don't know if I'll finish in time, we'll see!

Nels said...

Wow! Six plates in a day. I can't resist saying this, "You're as busy as a bee!"

tom said...

Hi Annie,

I spent the best part of yesterday trying to vignette my latest godzilla with hexagons. It didn't work out, but a funny coincidence.

To get through so much carving it looks like you must have the hang of keeping your tools sharp. I hope you have a mallet and clearing chisel.

Ellen Shipley said...

I want to see your bees! Funny how everyone's different -- I do a lot of manipulating of one block to get many colors -- you do many blocks. It's clear yours works better. ;->

fin said...

This is so cool.