23 September 2023

Irene - a paper quilt

Since I told you about making momigami with washi and konnyaku a few posts ago, I thought I'd follow up and show you what I ended up doing with it. I wanted to try making a paper quilt with the idea that if it was successful I would make a whole series of them for my series "I Was a 20th Century Lesbian."

I began by printing colors on some washi and treating them with konyaku to make momigami.


I created a full-size pattern and began to construct the quilt front, a disco ball emitting colored rays. These were pieced using a sewing machine just as if I were working with fabric.

I added some sparkly acrylic paint to make the disco ball shiny.

Then I worked on the background for the ball, the colored starburst rays.

I printed squares and whiskey bottles and glasses on a single sheet of washi for the backing, also treated with konnyaku and made into momigami.

I then used cotton batting between the two sides, hand quilted them, and put a binding around the perimeter. Here is the front and back of the finished quilt.

The quilt's namesake, Irene, brought me to my first gay dance club in 1976, a venue in Troy NY called Zelda. Irene also introduced me to Jack Daniels whiskey, a relationship that lasted longer than my relationship with Irene and that ultimately became toxic.

21 September 2023

👋 Hello, my old blog. And hello to you, if you're reading. I don't know if people still read blogs, but I miss my blog if for no other reason than because it helps me immensely to write about my work. So I'm coming back to blog. I'm going to spend the next few posts just catching up on a few things, and then going forward I'll do my best to use this space as an ongoing studio journal again.

Please say hi if you stop by!

More soon…