24 January 2020

Characters of Fire

The four Fire Character Cards:

Novice of Fire
Playful, optimistic, and full of energy, the Novice of Fire is usually just starting out in a new pursuit. It is often the case that the Novice’s skill levels don’t match their energy levels, but they’re always happier to be in motion than not, so they’re not inclined to wait or plan once they’ve felt the impulse to act.

Evangel of Fire
The Evangel is energetic in every suit, but in the hyperactive suit of Fire, the Evangel is a double dose of energy. The Evangel of Fire is charged up. Confident, bold and charismatic, the Evangel thrives under pressure and is the life of every party. They think outside the box and can have unique and inspired ideas, but they don’t do very well in a situation that demands steadiness or a lot of routine.

Mentor of Fire
Fire is a difficult element to handle, but with the Mentor of Fire we begin to see the skill that comes with maturity. The Mentor is still extroverted and enjoys the spotlight, but there’s a radiance and vibrancy in their energy that they can now use to inspire others. They have become adept at creating communities of like-minded people who can bring about change in the world. The Mentor of Fire will defend themselves vigorously if attacked and can have anger issues.

Paragon of Fire
The Paragon of Fire has been tempered by the hot flames of their own energy, which at this stage emanates more as light than heat. Glowing with charisma and clear light, The Paragon is a natural born leader, a powerful visionary who is determined to leave a legacy. However, the Paragon can sometimes be aggressive or even ruthless in the pursuit of their goals.

22 January 2020

Ten of Fire

You’ve reached the finish line, and the Ten of Fire indicates that it’s time to let go of the burdens that have come with achieving success. The only way to make room for new fiery energy to begin to flow is to put down some of your non-essential tasks and responsibilities. This is especially difficult if you have based your sense of self on your successes.

21 January 2020

Nine of Fire

You’ve put out tremendous energy and you’re feeling weary and worn, but there’s still another hurdle in front of you. The Nine urges you to keep going. Now is the time to call on your deepest reserves and make that last push. Otherwise you’re bound to miss the opportunity.

20 January 2020

Eight of Fire

Fire moves quickly and the Eights are all about momentum, so the Eight of Fire is a double-dose of speed. Your actions have set things in motion and the conclusion is now inevitable. It’s clear sailing and you can ride this energy to achieve your highest goals. Just don’t try to slow it down!

13 November 2019

Seven of Fire

The Six brought success, but along with success comes increased visibility. With the Seven you are now being challenged, either by circumstances or by others who see what you’ve attained and want to take your place. Your position is strong, but your new responsibilities and the energy that is required to maintain success can feel like constriction.

12 November 2019

Six of Fire

After struggling to work with the chaotic energy of the Five, the Six marks victory and accomplishment. Often there is public acknowledgement with this card. The accolades are well deserved, so enjoy the recognition and encouragement. You’ll need that confidence to keep going, because you still have farther to go.

11 November 2019

Five of Fire

One of the qualities of energy—whether physical, emotional, or psychic—is that when it is pent up for any length of time it will suddenly explode or erupt into life. Fire thrives on change and action, and the Five of Fire gets restless after the stability of the Four. Competition, confusion, and chaos are all possible now as the energy is released, but these challenges can push you to achieve more than you imagined if you handle them well.