27 March 2006

A Little Progress

Today I printed another piece of this design - stems for some flowers that will appear in the lower right corner. Right now I'm re-drying the prints, because I wasn't very careful the last time I dried them and they got wrinkled.

The next layer to print is the first block I carved, the text of the prayer. I doubt now that the wood grain effect will show through the lettering, but in fact I have no idea and I won't know until I try printing it. This is what I've set myself up for: lots of trial and error!

I'm nervous about finding the right color for the lettering overprint. It needs to be light enough so that I can print several colors on top of it, but dark enough for the words to be legible. Mixing so many colors makes the potential for muddiness very high. Muddy won't do, as I want the print to have a very appealing golden tone - the golden glow of wine, of whisky, the yellow-brown of nicotine, the seductive promise of light and warmth that every addict thinks is waiting in their drug of choice. Wish me luck finding the right color!

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