13 March 2006

No Hanshita


In my quest for a looser process, I've decided to go without a hanshita (paper sketch) on my next print. I feel drawn to working large, so I'm using the largest blocks I have in my studio, which are 12" x 16" (approximately 30 x 40 cm). Since I have no hanshita, I drew guidelines for my kento marks and my image area, then carved those. I don't know yet how many blocks I'll be using. All I know right now is my topic for this print, which is The Serenity Prayer. I expect this to be the first in a series of prints about prayers.


Anonymous said...

hi annie,

Whatever u do is gonna be at least good.
I would suggest trying to leave yr computer out of th gesign process for this or some other print. No hanshita may imply this?
Sounds like you are going to draw on the block and carve....thats cool. Let your knife say things too.

Robin Morris

tom said...

Hi Annie,

Whatever you do may in fact not be good. That's the way it is. But, you be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Let it rip! The key is to trust yourself as an artist...and use a soft pencil first; you can erase lines just like on paper but be careful not to dent the block by pressing too hard.
Let yourself show, you might be surprised by what your hand creates once released from the grip of the mouse.