10 July 2006

Monoprinting Without a Press

This past Saturday I took a workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking called "Monoprinting Without a Press" with Joyce Silverstone. I was looking for ideas/techniques that I might be able to combine with moku hanga that could offer a looser look and more organic process. I didn't create any pieces at the workshop that I was wild about, but I got to explore many different techniques (additive and subtractive methods of building a plate, stencils and masks, drawing through the paper into the ink) and various materials (Akua Color inks, oil inks, plexiglass plates, clayboard plates). My favorite method from the day was creating a print on clayboard. Unlike plexiglass, the surface of the clayboard is somewhat porous, so it soaks up a lot of the ink yet resists enough of it to also pull a print. The print and the matrix can thus both be considered finished pieces, each with a very different look. Here is the print I made, on kitakata paper:

Sky Print

And here's the clayboard matrix (click for larger view):

I used rollers, a rag, and paper stencils to achieve this look, and I'm quite sure I'd never in a million years be able to reproduce what I did! I have no idea how I got those sweeping marks on the print, or why there are gaps in the blue that look like stars. Monoprinting is very different from woodblock in that it's so unpredictable.

One thing that I'm very anxious to try with moku hanga is printing with my hands instead of using a baren. I absolutely loved using my hands to transfer the image - it's so sensual and immediate. The workshop gave me lots of new information to work with.


nikki hardin said...

Annie, I just sent you an email but I don't think it went through...maybe your mail box is full? Could you let me know if you get it?

Diane Cutter said...

What a wonderful idea... using the clayboard. About the marks, I've gotten similar marks when pulling monoprints with my ball-bearing baren. It could be that.

Ellen Shipley said...

What incredible variation. That must be the "without a press" part 'cuz my matrix and print are much closer with one. I like this!

sunshinealways said...

I love the way the colors blend into each other! Very nice!

Cin said...

what beautiful textures, looking forward to these new experiments!

matamoros said...

I like the textures and the colors you used. It is a very real and suggestive print at the same time. Congratulations.