04 July 2006

Not Really Finished

It's the 4th of July, my blog's one-year birthday. And happy Independence Day. May everyone be free.

Clothing Color
Today I felt free to use orange. I used to hate orange. I still won't wear it, but I really like it in artwork and in food. I printed my little tai chi man's outfit in orange and noticed that it looks kind of like John Travolta doing his disco dance.

Almost Done
Then I printed the black. And I liked it. So I dried all the prints. But after hanging one of them up and staring at it for several hours, I realized that it isn't finished. I want his outfit to have more personality. And maybe I want to darken the wave at the bottom as Tom suggested. So stay tuned.

I advise students on the subject of color as follows: 'If it looks good enough to eat, use it.'


Cin said...

I'm so glad you started one, happy blog anniversary!

not Travolta at all, this print is so unique and wonderful!

Ellen Shipley said...

Oh kewl. Such energy. Thank you for showing us the whole process.

ainesse said...

Hey I just love that figure riding on top of the wave !!! I have enjoyed looking through your accounts of printmaking. At least you are getting on with it and generating lots of work and ideas. GOING ALONG TO THE MONO PRINT WORKSHOP SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN A GOOD IDEA. PERHAPS OTHER WORKS WILL BE AFFECTED FROM LITTLE THINGS YOU PICKED UP THERE.