07 July 2006

Suited for Surfing

New Outfit1

My little tai chi surfer guy's outfit just didn't seem right for the occasion. Too drab, so I've changed the fabric. Because I had already laid down my blacks, I was printing red on top of black and the damp block picked up black ink on each pass. I didn't want black to mix into my red, so I had to clean off the block after each impression.

Looking at the piece now, I think that it needs more weight at the bottom to balance out the strength of the figure, so I plan to heavy up the wave with a bokashi at the bottom. Trying to decide if I want to simply make it a darker blue or if I want to warm it up a little to go with the warm colors of the figure.

1 comment:

Michael Fraley said...

Even though you've shown us different elements of this print over time, it's really delightful to see it all come together - and to see that, yes, you can change your mind (at least to some extent) in the middle of a print like this.