09 October 2006

45 Degree Angles


Here I've used a printout of an Islamic mosaic pattern as the basis for my carving. The complex geometric designs often found in Islamic art create the impression of unending repetition, which is believed by some to be an inducement to contemplate the infinite nature of God. In my reinterpretation of the mosaic, I wanted to show the pattern connected and whole, but also breaking up into sectors. To this end, I had fun inverting the pattern, first carving out the lines between the tiles, then moving into carving out the tiles themselves. I plan to do a second block to add a different color for some of the deleted tiles.


Lena said...

this looks great! i'd love to see it printed.

Cin said...

hi Annie! thanks for your trip well wishes and welcome back!

you have progressed so much on this oh so intricate print, I cannot visualize at all how this one will look in the end but you've included so many elements that I love, cuneiform and cylinder seals especially, looking forward to the results!