17 October 2006

Wooden Landscape


The keyblock in a traditonal woodcut is the primary or master block, which contains the main outlines of the image. I think of this as the keyblock for my Babylon print, as it's this block that contains the physical features of the area I'm mapping and identifies the place. I love how these photos look like a view from an airplane.

As you can imagine, this took a long time to carve.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful wooden landscape indeed! Gorgeous results for alot of hard work :)

Bette Wappner

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing Annie - very ambitious to the untrained eye. I can't wait to see how the print turns out. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow Annie! you got into a major carving groove...

Patti P-C

Annie B said...

Bette & Amanda, thanks. Patti, yes, I got in a groove alright -- seems I can't get out!