13 June 2007

A Little More Progress


After living with the last Egg print for a few days, I decided that I want more contrast in the print, so I went back and hit the gray again. Perhaps it's too dark now, but I think it will work better with the next print I'm planning.

Making a consistent edition with this method, which is basically a kind of monoprinting with wood, is challenging.

Today I started the next in the series. Both of these impressions were done with one block, first with the whole block and then with a stencil:



Nicole Raisin Stern said...

I like the darker gray--it's a warm gray--and the mottled look of the background.

m.Lee said...

I love it.

About making a consistant edition why don't you just let them all be different and not have it as an edition at all? More of a series than an edition. Just a thought.

Diane Cutter said...

I also like the darker gray. It really makes the egg glow!

Annie B said...

Thanks for the feedback about the darker gray - very helpful.

m.lee, I like multiples. Not *too many* multiples, though. I found out that I don't enjoy doing 40 or 50 of anything, but I really like doing say 8 to 15 of a given print. It's partly because I don't think I'd be able to part with any one-of-a-kind prints! I get so attached. And also because moku hanga requires so many darn impressions for each print that it makes no sense for me to do just one. I like the idea of allowing for a "variable edition" though, and I may label these that way.