27 June 2007

Variation 1


I've split up this batch of prints to try two different directions. On 12 of the prints I added two more impressions. First I added yellow using the "egg energy" block, then I added a light gray overprint with the head blocks to define the people a little bit more. I think I'll stop here on this batch. Here are the four variations:



Cin said...

another wonderful series beautifully done

Dusty dusty_grrlREMOVE@excite.com said...

I like them!

Actually, what I meant in my last comment, is to ask if when you were blocked with your own work, whether you were still able to do your commercial work, which I thought was interesting. But you don't seem to be blocked any more.

We visited Fallingwater a couple of days ago, and I found a lovely book there called Shin Hanga, by Barry Till.