18 July 2007

Smell the Roses

The final print

Because the wood I'm using is larger than the print area, I've been trying to utilize as much of it as I can. Here you can see that I carved two different sets of kento (registration marks) for two different areas of the print. This works well as long as you make sure to clean the pigment from the previously printed areas very thoroughly.


There's a light blue area printed underneath the dark blue "olfactory nerve" block:


I really should go pack now. The truck is coming tomorrow morning!


m.Lee said...

Looks great! Good luck with the move.

Annette Haines said...

This is really cool. Was the "olfactory nerve" block shaped the same as the head or did you mask it off somehow? How did you do that? It's very nice.

Annie B said...

Thanks m.lee.
annette, as you guessed, the block was shaped the same as the head.

Cin said...

Oh Annie, I hope you are happy with the results, I think it turned out beautifully! I love the patterning of the roses and nerves, all those squiggly lines give it a terrific energy and movement, looking on it I think I can smell the roses!

Good luck with the move into your soaring new work space!

m.Lee said...

When you are all moved I may be crying out for some hanga help!

I'm going the cheap route to try it out. Methyl Cellulose, gouache (I've heard it works so so but I have really good stuff I got off mcclains years ago), some sort of stiff brush (ideas?), and appropriate paper.

Anything missing? I'm gonna use my press since my plastic barren kinda bites.

peggy said...

Another beautiful print. Good luck with your move and setlling into your new studio space. On the subject of getting your work 'out there', you may be interested in this:

peggy said...

oops... I erred in the site address. Thry this:

Sue said...

That's brill! I love the juxtaposition of the 'suit' with the roses. Great image.

Annie B said...

Thanks, Cin. I am happy with this print. It came out almost as I envisioned, which is rare in itself!

m.lee, I'll come over to your blog and talk to you about brushes...

peggy, thanks for the link. Interesting, as always. And thank you Sue. Yes, I wanted a "working" person to be smelling the roses, and something about it being a man appealed to me more than using one of my female heads.

Phare-Camp said...

I love it! the squiggles in the head are such a rich metaphor...is it synapses or is it the roses taking root in his soul...BOTH! ~Patti~