08 July 2007

Stop To Smell

I was looking at the "energy pattern" block I carved previously for the egg prints and the swirls started to look like roses to me.


That made me think about the smell of roses, which led me to do some research into how exactly it is that we smell anything at all. I found a few drawings of olfactory neurons, so I carved a new block this weekend (between packing boxes for my impending move) for a print about smelling the roses.



insatsuya said...

Hello, its nice idea to do it so, you have allways good points for print making and howtodo it :-} Pietro

insatsuya said...

peter Kocák, www.pulib.sk/kocak
but I make mainly etched and engraved dry points, now some new mokuhanga both oil and waterbased inks printed, thank for yours blogs Pietrocelli

Annie B said...

Very beautiful and detailed work, Pietro. Thank you for your kind words.

m.Lee said...

They look beautiful, but more like dandelions than roses to me. The new block that is.