25 July 2007

Stress Management


The house where Lynn and I and our dog Ty (yellow lab on the right) are staying belongs to Ty's girlfriend Ruby (golden retriever on the left). This morning, I got some much-needed therapy from these two goof-ball dogs. A subsequent long walk with the two of them lowered my blood pressure to almost normal.

Thank god for animal friends. People friends, too. We're feeling so much love and support.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to see you smiling. Dogs are great. I like what Lynn wrote in the previous post. Keep smiling, all of you.


Annie said...

Nice picture, Annie! Ty's so cute w/his girlfriend. Also...very nice hairdo too!

Annie Too

Beth Zentzis said...

You look good. Seriously. You're in clean, dry comfortable quarters and it's wild, isn't it, that when the going gets tough, you realize what you do have - friends who will let you, Lynn and your great dog hang out with them and their dog and... you're kind of like family.

Dogs really do have an amazing effect on the psyche. I have my two Saint Bernards that I regard as my very best friends. They love me, they greet me every morning, they're so thankful for the little bits of good that they have and my attention... they have a way to make a receptive person feel loved and it sort of peels away the other things that are more burdensome, the extra baggage.

You might check out ashwagandha, too.

Magic Cochin said...

Animals are great de-stressers - we moved house 5 times with the redoubtable Charlie-cat who took it all in his stride, made new friends and admirers, established his new territory and settled down for a kip. He kept us sane when everything seemed to be sliding out of control. Keep walking the dog and smiling.


Tom Kristensen said...

Just heading out with my two terriers now. A walk a day does wonders