27 April 2008

Matt Brown Woodblock Workshop

Matt and student Sally H. talking about her print

Today I drove 10 miles up the road to see Matt Brown at Snow Farm in Williamsburg MA where he was teaching a 3-day workshop, the same workshop that three years ago introduced me to the moku hanga method. I'm always grateful to Matt for teaching me and I love seeing him and talking shop! Since today was day 3 of the workshop, I arrived just in time to see the students' prints coming together in the final stages of printing. It's amazing what people who have never done moku hanga before can do in just 3 days -- the prints were beautiful. Thanks for such a nice day, Matt and students!

Matt's cool portable printing stand

Students at the printing stations

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Pistoles Press said...

Check out that portable stand! That's awesome! I love the image from your Blood, Sweat, and Tears post as well. It's not truly a labor of love until you've gone through all three!