02 April 2008

SGC - Open Portfolio

Photo by Peter Baldes

The Southern Graphics Council conference ends with what can only be called a bang. Over 500 printmakers show their work in three hour-and-a-half-long sessions at 180 tables while hundreds of people mill around looking at prints. I was assigned to the first session and I spent the whole 90 minutes talking, which is quite a feat for an introvert. I was very surprised to discover that a LOT of printmakers and printmaking students don't really know what moku hanga is. Whenever someone approached my table I would say "These are Japanese style woodblock prints" and then watch the person's face. If there was no look of recognition I'd start adding info: "water-based inks, multiple blocks, hand printed with a baren..." One of the most common questions I was asked was "Do you teach?" so I guess there are a lot of people who would like to learn the technique.

Photo by Peter Baldes

That's me, sitting on the right side of the table across from the man in the white t-shirt. His name is Paul Weissman, a member of Honolulu Printmakers. I met a lot of people during my portfolio session and gave out about half of my business cards. By the end I was totally exhausted, but it was great fun.

This wraps up my report from the SGC conference, but please note that there were many many events, artist talks, panels and demonstrations that I missed. (I heard that a talk by Leslie Dill was fantastic.) There was definitely something for everyone and too much for anyone! Next year the conference will be in Chicago in late March, so save the date!



Tracy said...

it sounds like you had a great time Annie. I'm definitely saving the date for next year in Chicago, I believe Liz is interested too. I loved viewing the open portfolios, it is so inspiring.

mizu designs said...

It's so surprising isn't it that most people (even printmakers) don't know about moku hanga given the very very old tradition in Japan and other countries. I'm constantly surprised by this too. Non-Japanese moku hanga artists are quite rare I've found.

Peter K o c รก k said...

thank you very much Annie,

Ellen Shipley said...

You've made it sound so interesting. I'm thinking of going next year. 8-]

Annie B said...

Glad to hear that some of my friends are thinking about going next year! I'm crazy about it.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog. Thank you for all the information and photos! I am a printmaker who studied under Karen Kunc at UNL..and am currently in Morocco in the Peace Corps! I really love your work, and hope to meet you someday at SGC in the future. Always,

Dominique Ellis

Annie B said...

Hi Dominique, Thanks for leaving a comment. Karen was at the conference; I wish I could study with her a little bit. I have a friend who spent 2007 in Morocco (study abroad) so I know just a little bit about life there. Wishing you all the best, and hope to meet you one day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your account of this year's SGC. I've never been, but have been curious about it. I'd love to see technique demos and everyone's work - plus meeting lots of people that you 'know' from different print sites. Sounds like it is worth the trip. Next year, perhaps!
- Carol Berryhill.