08 April 2008

The Train to Lhasa


This is how the print ended up. At first I thought I wanted just one line of Chinese text:


but it wasn't strong enough, so I added several layers of text to show the slow steady influx of people and goods into Tibet.

My graphic design background is showing here, isn't it? I had tried to do something like this (typographical treatment with Chinese characters pushing Tibetan letters) about a year ago and I wasn't able to get a design I was happy with, so it feels good to finally get this print out of my system. It also feels good to do a fast print in the middle of all the slow ones I've been working on. I have a lot more to say and explore about the Tibet situation, so I'll most likely pick up this Wind Horse block again sometime and do more with it.

But now I need to start my print of Lumbini, Buddha's birthplace. I'd like to finish it in time for his birthday on May 12.


Sue said...

That says a lot about the situation over there. I too prefer the version with multiple Chinese characters pushing and shoving the Tibetan away.

Looking forward to seeing the work on the Lumbini print.

JaKo said...

Awesome,it is really everything in,the situation, the feelings, the artistic expression. I really like it!

Annie B said...

Thanks, Sue and jako. Jako, nice to see you again.

Diane Cutter said...

I like the top one, too. It has a sense of movement. Lovely, Annie, once again!

inkessential said...

I see.... very good and well express in such a profoundly simple way... well done.

you may enjoy my work as a Tibetan calligraphy artist:


I also design seals, a miniature woodblock !!!