21 May 2008

I Did It!


Tonight I sharpened my own hangi-to when the point broke off! This is a major victory, as I've been so sharpening-phobic. This time it was my little 3 mm knife that lost its point. The secret for me was simply taking my time. I started with the coarsest water stone I have and I looked at the knife under a magnifier every few minutes to check my progress. Once the knife had a point again, I moved to the regular "red" stone until the edge looked really smooth. Then I finished up with the fine grade stone. Not too bad - it took about 15 minutes, I think.

And now, finally, I have 3 blocks carved. Tomorrow I can start printing the Lumbini/Buddha print.


lennox said...

Hi Annie,

I haven't been carving for a good long time now, but last year I managed to snag a couple of DVDs from Bill Ritchie of Akira Kurasaki when he visited Seattle back in the late 1980's. Bill was the camera guy for these and he has a big archive of videos from that time. Anyway, one of them is on tool sharpening and it shows him taking his hangi to and sharpening it gently, and he speaks to the audience with such beautiful accented speech. I'm sure if you contacted Bill he might burn a disc for you - it wasn't too expensive. His site is really confusing, but here's a link to the specific page:

Ellen Shipley said...

I'm impressed. I've never had good luck sharpening my tools -- but then it's usually a v-cut I'm working with.

I may get that video.

Annie B said...

Thanks for the link, Beth. And thanks for being impressed, Ellen :-)