22 May 2008

Printing Lumbini (Buddha) Block 2


I love to print. Yet there's always an anxiety I have to overcome in order to get into the studio to start on it, especially if I haven't been working for a while. I experience the same thing when starting a new illustration project, too, so I guess a little anxiety is par for the course.

At any rate, this afternoon I managed to get into the studio and print block 2 of the Lumbini print. I used a pale red oxide pigment as I wanted to include the pinkish tones in the earth that I saw in the original satellite photo I'm referencing:


The prints took on a bit too much moisture this round, so I'm letting them air dry a bit before I wrap them back up.


1 comment:

Sue said...

It's looking good! I really look forward to seeing the finished piece.