16 April 2009

More Dorothy May Printing

Added two more layers today - a sort of dingy purple to add more shape to Dorothy's clothing and body:


and a blue-gray for her hair.


Tomorrow I plan to muddy up the water. Here's a raft of Dorothy Mays:



Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

I enjoy following your blog and love your work. I hesitate to be critical of such an accomplished artist but am venturing to say that I miss the lovely ghostly billowing form that you started with. I will be interested to see how it comes out in the end and it may be balanced in the entire piece. Jan

Annie B said...

Hi Jan, I don't at all mind critical comments and I understand what you're saying. I liked that ghostly outline as a possible stopping point too. I decided to continue on because my intention in this print -- in this series, really -- is to try to bring to life events and people that we know very little about. Rather than leave Dorothy ghostly, I decided to make her look quite real, to show a real human being who met a tragic end before she could actually set foot in a new land.

I guess in saying this, I'm admitting that my concept often takes precedence over artistic concerns. Leaving Dorothy as a ghostly outline might make a better print, a better thing to look at, but it won't satisfy my interest in trying to reach her as a real human being. Women especially are invisible in our historical record.

Thanks for saying what you said. It helped me know why I've done what I've done.

Ellen Shipley said...

I just love this image of Dorothy May. What an imaginative treatment of your theme. 8-] I love the colors too.

Pistoles Press said...

Poor Miss Dorothy. She is drowning quite nicely! I really love the ribbons of hair and her clothing billowing in the water. Thanks for sharing, Annie! The water looks like it has shafts of light in it too!