06 January 2011

Kite Progress

Here's the progress I've made so far on the Blessings Kite.

Since I'm going to make the print with just one block, I began by making an acetate stencil to isolate the hand from the background.

Then I painted some gray onto the board.

I put the stencil down and took the impression. This gray color may end up being too subtle. I'm just getting used to the paper that Drachen supplied, which is very thin and may or may not be sized. No time to experiment beforehand, as this print is due in Seattle next week!

Next I carved away some of the hand, leaving the linework.

I inked the hand in an orange/gold color and used the stencil again to take the next impression.

I'll be adding a little bit of detail to the sleeve next, and then on to the background.


Ellen Longo said...

Thanks for letting us follow along, Annie.

Tracy said...

wow!! i love. looks great annie.

Pistoles Press said...

Ahh, I can almost taste the wonderful colors and patterns that will emerge from this. I really love the hand with the rising sun shining from the palm. Great image for a kite and I love the calming texture of the swirling clouds as well.