26 April 2011

More Little Bottles

Still just messing around with three simple blocks.

I started by making a yellow stripe on the plain block.

Added a blue background (I do like blue).

Then started to build up some other colors.

I bought this metal printing plate at a Tibetan store a couple of years ago and hadn't tried printing it yet, so now seemed like a good time.

I thought I would have to use western-style intaglio ink, but I tried sumi ink first and it worked!

I love this little rubber-stamp alphabet set. I was in a Buddha state of mind, so I decided to typeset one of my favorite Buddha sayings.


I'm not sure if I'm going to do yet another group of studies or not. Of course, I'll let you know.


Linda Beeman said...

It's nice to see you have so much fun with your little bottles! A couple questions on your Buddah engraving block, did you roll on the sumi or paint it and did you press it in the same way as any other block or use it as a stamp? I ask because I bought an engraving block last summer at an antique store and really want to use it too!

caulfieldclare said...

Wow, these images are really thought provoking. Thank you

Annie B said...

Thank you both.
Linda, I painted the sumi ink on with a small watercolor brush, then placed the paper on top of the plate just as I would with a normal woodblock. Since I was just playing around, I placed the paper by eye rather than making a jig for tight registration. Used my baren and a cover sheet of baking parchment to take the impression.

moreidlethoughts said...

Annie, a couple of us like your alphabet set but can't find anything like it,ie, small enough locally(Australia). Could you let me know the brand and maker and I'll search for an agent.

Annie B said...

Hi Dinah,
The manufacturer of the rubber stamp set is Cosco Industries in Illinois USA. They sell only wholesale, so unfortunately you can't order directly from them. I purchased my set at a large office supply chain here called Staples. Hope you find something in Australia!