03 April 2012

Elizabeth Catlett, 1915-2012

Photograph of Elizabeth Catlett by Fern Logan, via Wikipedia
I just learned today that sculptor and printmaker Elizabeth Catlett passed away yesterday, April 2, 2012, two weeks before her 97th birthday. A granddaughter of slaves, Catlett was born in 1915 in Washington, D.C., and studied art at Howard University and University of Iowa. In 1947 she married a Mexican artist named Francisco Mora and became a Mexican citizen.

Elizabeth Catlett, Sharecropper, 1952
Over the span of her 70 year career, Catlett created strong politically charged work. In Mexico she worked with a group of printmakers called The People's Graphic Arts Workshop who were dedicated to using their art to promote social change. 

Here are some of her powerful prints.

Elizabeth Catlett, And A Special Fear For My Loved Ones, 1946
Elizabeth Catlett, In Harriet Tubman I Helped Hundreds to Freedom, 1946 

Elizabeth Catlett, Sojourner Truth fought for the rights of women as well as negroes

Elizabeth Catlett, I Have Given the World My Songs

Elizabeth Catlett, Survivor

Added 4/4/12 at 7:45 a.m. -- Here's an obituary with more information from the Washington Post.


Katka said...

Wow! Powerful is right. Fantastic work. Thank you for sharing Annie.

Wendy Willis said...

Powerful prints, Annie. Thanks for posting.

itsuko K said...

What a powerful work and powerful life as a woman as well as an artist!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

thanks for posting, she walked and printed her talk