01 August 2012

Ukiyo-e Heroes Kickstarter

Happy August! An announcement in my daily Baren Forum Digest tells me that a Kickstarter* opened this morning for a new collaborative project between American illustrator Jed Henry and Tokyo-based woodblock printmaker David Bull called “Ukiyo-e Heroes.” The series re-contextualizes video game characters into the old Ukiyo-e style. The digital designs have been completed -- this kickstarter seeks to finance the production of actual woodblock prints in Dave's Tokyo studio.

Here's the link if you want to get in on it.

(*Kickstarter is a web site that allows artists and others to raise funds for their projects.)


Dave Bull said...

Thanks for helping to push this along Annie!

Annie B said...

My pleasure. It's a great project and I'm absolutely thrilled for you that the response has been so tremendous. Congratulations already!!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

so cool, I can't decide which package I want! KIckstarter is a great org.