15 June 2006



When I need to do very fine carving, I use a pair of goggle-like magnifying glasses and a folding drafting board that brings the work up close to my eyes. Today I was happily carving away when my partner Lynn strolled by and suddenly burst out laughing. It took me a moment to realize that she was laughing at me! I guess I look pretty darn funny in those goggles. But they work!


tom said...

Hi Annie,

Nice colour! Personally I prefer a magnifying lamp, but goggles are de-rigeur. That would not be your typical grip on the hangi-toh?

Annie B said...

Hi Tom,

Definitely not my typical grip on the hangi toh. This shot was totally staged - I was holding the camera outstretched in my left hand, not carving at all. I need a technical assistant, don't I?