17 April 2007

Be It Resolved

I've been too busy with illustration work to do moku hanga and I'm really missing it. When I first started printmaking I knew it would be hard to find the time, so I literally scheduled it. I gave myself a minimum of 10 hours a week just for moku hanga. Looks like I need to go back to that approach, so I hereby resolve to give myself 10 hours a week to carve, print or plan prints.

Here's a digital illustration I did a couple of weeks ago, my favorite from this last spate of work. It was for an article about 19th century British novels.



Ellen Shipley said...

Ah, love those novels of manners. ;-]

Diane Cutter said...

That could be me reading those novels... It's a great illustration!

janey said...

19th century brit fiction - the best. And this illustration would make a nice block print.