30 April 2007

Block Heads


I'm starting a new group of prints on the theme of war and peace. Tonight I made my first few drawings on the blocks. I'm trying for a looser process, so I'm going to work with squares -- square blocks and square paper -- that can be interchanged, overprinted, or turned around and still register easily with each other. I'm also thinking of using a limited color palette so that I'm not fussing over colors so much. I want to do less planning and leave more room for spontaneity.


Sue said...

No prizes for guessing who the top-right profile is! Ghastly woman.

Is that Buddha bottom left?

Annie B said...

Hi Sue,
I like your response to these figures because I tried to choose images that were somehow evocative. None of them are famous people, just outlines based on readily-available stock photography.
I did select the bottom left figure for her topknot (Buddha?), and the top right woman for her prideful stance, so you and I seem to be looking at them the same way.