11 April 2007

Carving for Chlorine

Chlorine has an ignominious past as a chemical weapon, most notably during World War I. I could easily justify turning this into yet another print on the topic of war, but I'd rather take the opportunity to take a break from doom and gloom and do something lighter. I've always wanted to try doing a moku hanga piece that depicts water, so I'm opting to go the swimming pool route with chlorine. Let's see if I can make something as lovely as one of David Hockney's swimming pool paintings!

Here are some tiles to begin:



Dusty said...

I like the David Hockneys...but where are the dachshunds?

Kris Shanks said...

That's a high bar to set! I love David Hockney's swimming pool paintings. Actually, I think I like most everything he's done. Looking forward to seeing the final print!

Annie B said...

Dusty, maybe I should put some dachshunds by the pool. Kris, I like Hockney, too. Don't worry, though, I'll slip right under that bar, no problem.