05 April 2007



I've signed up to do a print of the element chlorine for Jenn's Periodic table Print Project and tonight I started working on it. I worked out my design several days ago, actually, but tonight I scanned the sketch and printed 6 copies to paste onto blocks for a 6-color print. The prints are due May 31, so I'll work on this as time allows.


Sue said...

Ooo, will you be doing step-by-step blog entries again?

Diane Cutter said...

I'll look forward to seeing the progress, especially as you have a 'science bent'. I love your combining fine art with science.

janey said...

This is really wonderful. I'm learning so much. How generous of you to share all this. I hope you have the time to do steps of this one.

You paste the drawings on the block? Do you carve through them? I'm going to check out that link now.