06 May 2007

Just Three Blocks

In my quest for simplicity, I'm going to use just three blocks for this print along with a few stencils. I tried this before, when I did the Melting print, and I was unhappy with how that one turned out. It was too flat and simple. But I think I can make this print have the complexity and depth I'm looking for by pushing the printing process rather than the carving. We'll see.

Here are the blocks:



Amanda said...

You really know how to build the excitement, don't you, Annie? That bottom plate is gorgeous!

Cin said...

I agree, a beautiful pattern for a really wonderful concept, can't wait to see!

Lynn said...

I've become addicted to your blog which I learned about on barenforum. I am just blown away by these blocks!!! Can't wait to see what comes next!

Annie B said...

Thank you, all! Amanda, doing this as a "hobby" keeps me in a bit of suspense too! I'm cutting and wetting some paper this morning in the hopes of having time later in the day to try a few test prints.

Sue said...

Oh wow, I love the look of the 'buddha head' background. I'm dying to see how this looks once printed.